Five of the best: bird feeders

Nash Mealworm Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Nash Peanut Butter Feeder – £7.95, Kew Gardens

Give your garden friends a break from the birdseed! This metal bird feeder from Kew Gardens will help you – it’s specifically designed to hold the company’s special salt-free and safe mealworm peanut butter. The raised lip at the front of the feeder will hold the jar firmly, and its design will keep birds safe from squirrels.


Police Box Bird Feeder – £26.99 (was £35.99), Garden Bazaar

As if their ability to fly isn’t envy-inducing enough – now your feathered pals can travel through time! Or maybe not, seeing asTardis-like bird feeder is really a (presumably copyright-free) British Police Box, of the type used by members of the public to contact the police and – dare we say – beloved of a famous television doctor! It holds a good two pounds of bird seed.

M&S Garden Swing Bird Feeder

Bird Swing Feeder – £17.50, M&S

M&S’s wooden swing seat bird feeder has a removable tray, which means it’s easy to take out to clean as well as to replenish. Fashioned from sustainable wood, the feeder measures 17cm (height) x 23cm (width) x 15.5cm (depth) and at a weight of just less than half a kilo will hang happily from a branch of even moderate size.

Pink Floral Teapot Bird House with Gold Detail

Pink Floral Teapot Bird House with Gold Detail – £19.99, Very

Very Alice in Wonderland, this one. Very’s teapot bird house has a small hole to provide shelter for garden birds, while the saucer attached to its base provides ample space for you to leave seed or other snacks. Also available in blue, the floral teapot design has gold detail on the lid.

 Terracotta apple bird feeder Terracotta apple bird feeder Product Reviews Overall rating(5) Value for money? Meet expectations? Recommend to a friend? Review this product Wonderful product appalling service Having three myself and loving this, ordered at beginning of December for Christmas present for relative, paying extra for named day delivery. Not delivered, order apparently lost and very inadequate response; they cannot tell me what has happened and their only offer is to refund the delivery costs. No idea if/when it will be delivered!! Thank you for your review, sorry that you have had a bad experience with the delivery and communication regarding this, we will look into this immediately. By SD, on 24 Dec 2016 2 out of 2 people found the above review helpful Was this review helpful to you?YesNo Bought this in 2013, still going strong I have had this feeder for over 3 years now and it looks as good as new. Looks very attractive hanging from an ash tree. Very easy to keep clean. I would highly recommend this. It is used by most of the birds visiting my garden including sparrows, goldfinch, blue tits, great tits, chaffinch, robin etc. I usually put sunflower hearts in mine. At this time of year, a huge crow sits on one branch of the tree and in a very dignified manner, eats from the feeder hanging on an opposite branch. I could easily move the feeder to an inaccessible branch but there is enough food for all the birds and the crow makes me laugh. By Jef, on 20 Jun 2016 6 out of 8 people found the above review helpful Was this review helpful to you?YesNo Fabulous I don't normally post reviews but this product is such a success on my balcony, I just had to write one! I filled it with sunflower hearts and the Blue Tits took to it at once, even popping inside the apple to feed, and now the Chaffinches and Siskins are using it too. Hasn't rained yet so don't know how waterproof it will, be but it is such an attractive feature on the balcony, it won't really matter. Highly recommended :) By Melissa , on 13 Apr 2016 1 out of 2 people found the above review helpful Was this review helpful to you?YesNo View all Terracotta apple bird feeder

Terracotta apple bird feeder – £11.50, RSPB

You’d expect the UK’s leading bird charity to know their stuff when it comes to this sort of thing, and the to know about this sort of thing – and the RSPB’s apple-shaped, terracotta bird feeder is equipped with three feeding holes and is frost resistant. It’s the perfect place for you to present bird seeds or suet snacks to your airborne pals.


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