Best New Plants for Window Boxes

If you’re not lucky enough to have a garden, window boxes are a great way to compensate and add a bit of colour to your environment for most months of the year (if you plan carefully!) Though we’re big fans of traditional varieties, we thought that this year we’d get on the lookout for something a bit different – and what gems we found! Here are our five favourites:

Pansy 'Ballerina' Viola x wittrockiana

Pansy ‘Ballerina’ Viola x wittrockiana – £9.99 for 32 plug plants, Thompson & Morgan

Pansies are a huge favourite for the window box as – available in both summer and winter flowering varieties – they can occupy prime position year-round if you deadhead carefully to prolong the flowering period. However, this Ballerina’ Pansy really is something else! With its unusual and elaborate frilly ‘tutu’-like flowers, it’ll make your sills look stunning! Not only do the blooms look fabulous, but the beautiful petals are edible – they can be crystallised and added to cakes or biscuits, or simply added to salads. Now there’s multi-tasking for you!

Begonia Super Cascade Mix

Begonia Super Cascade Mix – £14.99 (12 jumbo plugs),

Shown here as part of a hanging basket, Super Cascade Begonia Mix will burst equally bountifully from your window boxes, creating a beautiful display of colour throughout the whole summer. The bright colour palette includes some completely new shades and the semi-double begonia blooms measure a whopping three to four inches across!

Fuchsia 'Lady Thumb'
Fuchsia ‘Lady Thumb’ – £5.99 (9cm pot), Waitrose Garden

We love the strawberries-and-cream colour scheme of this ‘Lady Thumb’ fuschia. It’s a neat and bushy little plant but will produce a multitude of tutu-like pink and white blooms from June all the way through to October. The fast-growing plant will be equally happy in a patio planter or a mixed border, but a window box is a perfect place for it to shine.

Tumbelina Petunia 'Most Fragrant Ever' Collection

Tumbelina Petunia ‘Most Fragrant Ever’ Collection – £4.99 (12 jumbo plugs), Blooming Direct

More frills now – but with the addition of fabulous fragrance! Tumbelina petunias are already well-known for being the best double, trailing and fragrant petunias and the varieties included here – Belinda, Priscilla, Joanna, Katrina, Melissa and Margarita, you’ll get two of each for a striking colour mix – have been chosen especially for their gorgeous perfume.

Trailing Verbena Plants

Trailing Verbena – £14.98 (12 large plants), Gardening Direct

These trailing Verbena plants will produce a series of large blooms in shades of bright red, vivid violet and pure white. They’ll trail up to 60cm so they’ll obscure your planter in no time! This one is a really resilient plant, with an excellent resistance to mildew and, even better, has a really lengthy flowering season – from May to the first frost.


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