A-Maze-ing: Precision Garden Box Hedges

Foxes in a Hedge

Box Hedge Maze
I wouldn’t really have got into topiary (aside from my pipe dreams of having a huge box Miffy head on the forecourt) had I not inherited a maze. It wasn’t exactly Versailles:








To be honest, I’m not sure what the people who ‘built’ it were thinking of. It’s just about cat height now. That’s not to say it doesn’t have fans. This is maybe my favourite photo of all time:

Foxes in Garden Box Hedge Maze

It soon became obvious, though, that immaculate hedges are quite the thing around here – the competition in my street alone is really quite fierce.

Down the street, there is a fairly small forecourt that contains a hedge of awe-inspiring precision.

I’m aware that’s a statement that’s difficult to take at face value, so with the help of snooper’s dream Google Streetview, I have managed to amass images of it.

Seriously, get a load of this:

Perfect Hedge 2016

Also thanks to Streeview, I can get hope and inspiration from watching how it’s developed over the years!

Young box hedging
2008 – a series of small box plants


Young Clipped Box Hedge
2009 – growing slowly but surely


2012 – really taking shape now


Beautiful Hedge
2012: mathematical accuracy


Perfect Hedge 2016
2016: Argh! How does he do it?!

Anyway – three years on from the first image in this article, here’s mine:

Hedge Maze 2016
Hedge Maze 2016

Hmm. It’s filled out a bit, but is still a bit sparse in places…and it’s clearly that density is crucial, if the Google Streetview experiment is anything to go by.

What’s clear, though, is that it could do with a bit more than the basic secateur trim that it’s been getting the past three years. So I’ve got a proper, quite powerful, mind-yourself-with-that now, electric hedge trimmer.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this one. In the meantime – any tips, especially on corners?!


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