Verdigris Solar Powered Lanterns with Shepherds Crook by Smart Solar




A pair of beautiful verdigris effect metal lanterns each supplied with a hook for hanging or can be placed on a table-top. The intricate leaf effect detailing on the lantern ensures that this is a stunning piece by day and creates a beautiful lighting effect at night. Each lantern is powered by an integral solar panel which powers 1 white LED. Each stake stands 84cm tall and is great for lining decking and lawns. The lights come on automatically at night and create gorgeous patterns.
* Sold in a Set of 2* Stunning, beautifully intricate hanging lanterns * Come with stainless steel stake* White LED* Simply push the spike into soft ground to place in position* Miniumum operating time of 6+ hours when fully charged* Charges in direct sunlight* Automatically turns on at night