VegTrug Large Wooden Barrel Planter 55cm Burnt Oak



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This attractive Wooden Barrel Planter from VegTrug will make your vibrant patio displays lovelier to look at, and tend to. The attractive Barrel Planter’s innovative design makes container gardening as easy as possible: a unique mesh structure on the base provides excellent drainage and maximum aeration to prevent root rotting, and since the planter also lets light penetrate the soil, you can rule out root circling from your to-fix list too. It’s a beautifully efficient addition to any garden space as the planter is even self-watering when used with a tray.
Made from 100% FSC sustainable wood, the VegTrug Barrel Planter is long-lasting and weather resistant, and makes it easy to focus on growing your crop. For optimum plant health, ensure to apply a high-potassium liquid fertiliser for flowering and fruiting crops, or a high-nitrogen liquid fertiliser if leaves look yellow or tired.
Important Features of VegTrug’s Barrel Planter:
Dimensions: W 55cm x H 41cm x D 55cm
Colour: Burnt Oak
Plastic, breathable base to prevent rotting for longer plant life.
Made from 100% FSC sustainable wood.
Weather resistant.