Whether you’re propagating cuttings, hardening off tender young plants, encouraging the ripening of summer crops, or insulating your plants from harsher cold weather and wind, the VegTrug Cold Frame is one of the most useful garden accessories, and a brilliant space-saving alternative to a greenhouse. Made from 3.5mm polycarbonate for maximum insulation, VegTrug’s robust and shatter-proof cold frame can either be used on its own on the ground or easily attached to your 1m VegTrug Planter. Small, lightweight and ideal for balconies, cold frames are also perfect for larger gardens where they can be easily moved to a more suitable spot for your crop: brighter for vegetables, or shadier for cuttings.
Not only brilliant for heat retention, the cold frame’s fully-opening lid gives easy access to your plants, whilst the ventilation posts allow varying degrees of air circulation to help keep your green space as healthy and floriferous as possible.
VegTrug not included
Important Features of VegTrug’s Cold Frame:
Dimensions: W 105cm x H 145.5cm x D 76cm approx.
Colour: Natural.
Easy assembly.
Not suitable for VegTrug Wall Huggers.