Thompson & Morgan Diamond Pots With Easy Care Plants – Pastels



Thompson & Morgan Diamond Pots with Easy Care Plants – Pastels These pretty pots contain house plants which will add living decor to a room. Light is the plants’ only source of energy, position them where there will be sufficient light. EasyCare plants are specially selected from among the most resilient types of plants and have been acclimatised to cope well in low light levels during our darker months. The most common cause of house plants dying is over-watering. Plants need to be able to absorb oxygen through their roots. If the potting medium is completely saturated, all the air will be pushed out, and the plant’s roots will simply suffocate. As a general rule, therefore, let the potting medium around your plants dry out somewhat between watering, and avoid watering excessively. It is a good idea to use rainwater for watering your plants. Please note that during certain times of the year plants may vary from those photographed, however rest assured all plants supplied will be Easy Care varieties and will be a pair. Potted: Y


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