Thompson and Morgan Sprouting Seeds Wheat (Wheatgrass) Seeds



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Sprouting Seeds : Wheat (Wheatgrass) by Thompson and Morgan seeds. Wheatgrass Sprouting Seeds are widely used for juicing to produce a nutritional drink. Red Winter Wheat is ideal for sprouting, resisting mound and producing a good leaf blade. Sprouting Seeds are quick and easy to grow, ready to harvest from 7 days. Sowing Instructions Growing Indoors in a seed tray: Sow any time of year either in seed trays on the surface of compost, or on the surface of pads of cotton wool, or kitchen towel. Place the growing medium in a small container or saucer and moisten well before sowing the seed thickly over the surface.  Place container in a warm/ well-lit place – a kitchen windowsill is ideal. Ensure the growing medium is kept moist at all times and seeds will germinate very quickly. Cropping Time   7 days


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