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Sprouting Seeds : Radish Sprouting Radish by Thompson and Morgan seeds. Radish Sprouting Seeds produce white stems with a sharp, spicy flavour. Sprouting Seeds Radish adds a tangy taste to salads and stir fries. Easy to sprout in a warm place. An airing cupboard is ideal if white sprouts are required, or in the kitchen, out of direct sunlight, for green sprouts. This will give two slightly different tastes and textures. Sow all year round; fast growing, ready to eat in 2-6 days Easy to grow in a jam jar, or in a special sprouting kit. Sprout in a warm place for nutritious sprouting seeds. Sowing Instructions Growing Indoors: Put 2 tablespoons(50ml) of seed in a jam jar. Cover seeds with about 250ml of water. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin and secure with a rubber band. Soak seeds overnight. The seeds will swell considerably. Drain water through the muslin cloth, then rinse seeds in fresh water. Repeat the process, drain well and place jar on its side. Rinse seeds at least twice daily through the muslin cloth, until sprouts are ready to eat. This is essential to avoid fermenting, mouldy seedlings. When ready to eat rinse and use straight from the jar. Growing instructions Sprouted seeds will store in an unsealed polythene bag in the fridge for 3 or 4 days. Rinse regularly. Cropping Time   2-6 days


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