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Sprouting Seeds : Green Peas by Thompson and Morgan seeds. Green Pea Sprouting Seeds is an Alaskan type of pea renowned for its sweet taste and visual appearance. Can be grown as a 2-3 day sprout in a jam jar or sprouting kit, or in trays for 7-10 days for fresh green pea shoots, increasingly popular for stir fries and in salads. Sowing Instructions Growing Indoors in a jam jar or seed sprouter: Put 2 tablespoons (50ml) of seed in a jam jar or container. Cover seeds with about 250ml of water. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin and secure with a rubber band. Soak seed overnight. The seed will swell considerably. Drain water through the muslin cloth, then rinse seeds in fresh water. Repeat the process and drain well. The seed can be grown in the jam jar or transferred to the trays of a seed sprouter.  Rinse and drain the seeds at least twice daily, until sprouts are ready to eat. This is essential to avoid fermenting/mouldy seedlings.  When ready to eat, rinse and use straight from the jar or seed sprouter. Sprouted seeds will store in an unsealed polythene bag in the fridge for 3 or 4 days. Rinse regularly. Growing Indoors in a seed tray: Sow any time of year either in seed trays on the surface Cropping Time  2-3 days (sprouts) 7-10 days (shoots)  


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