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Dream Collection Blue Flower by Thompson and Morgan seeds a rich and beautiful mixture of the easiest blue flowered annuals. Blue is not easy to find in the summer garden but with this mixture you will have blooms all summer long for garden decoration and cutting, in rich and varied hues from palest sky to deepest midnight blue. Excellent for the flower border and an economical way to fill an empty space with colour. For colour co-ordination try them with another of our Flower Dream mixtures. Flowers summer. Height: 30-90cm (12-36in). Contents: Ageratum, Callistephus, Centaurea, Convolvulus, Delphinium ajacis and consolida, Gilia, Lathyrus, Limonium, Matthiola, Nigella, Phacelia, Salvia. Sowing Instructions Sow early spring to early summer outdoors where they are to flower. Fork the ground over, firm it across and then rake until it has a fine lump free surface. Scatter the seeds very sparingly and lightly rake them in. Alternatively, for easier management, sow 3mm (1/8in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart. Germination usually takes approximately 14 days. Growing instructions When the seedlings are large enough to handle thin out to 20-30cm (9-12in) apart. The thinnings can be very carefully lifted with a trowel and transplanted elsewhere. Aftercare They prefer a sunny open site in ordinary well drained garden soil. Keep weed free and provide a little support of twiggy sticks. Flowering time Summer  


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