Storemore Emerald Olympian 12′ x 32′ Green Apex Garage



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Storemore offer the perfect garden storage solutions that cater for all needs and the Storemore Emerald Olympian 12′ x 32′ Green Apex Garage is a great garage that has a 12 foot fronted premium metal garage with an apex roof manufactured from, hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout, finished with powder coated paint to provide a long-lasting, maintenance free lifespan. This garage provides ideal storage for your car, whilst allowing extra room for a variety of storage requirements. This building is perfect for all sites where non-combustible storage is compulsory and will provide a rust-free, durable storage solution. Apart from the high grade of steel and paint finish, it has a ventilated gables, a robust heavy metal framework, a roll-up & over main door, a personal access door and a tall wall height, allowing you to park tall family cars into the garage. The metal sheds from Storemore are all manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel ensuring a robust and sturdy build that will last.