Rosa rugosa Rubra or Hedgehog Rose Hedging Plants 40-60cm x25



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Rosa Rugosa rubra or Hedgehog Rose, is a fast growing deciduous shrub with masses of small bristle thorns. Shiny bright-green foliage turns yellow in autumn after the bush has produced large, yellow-centred, dark pink flowers from June to September, which are highly fragranced. The flowers are followed by large round, red or orange hips in early autumn. Will this Hedging Plant be Suitable? Rosa Rugosa rubra is an ideal plant for a dense hedge, particularly for use as a border. If you are looking for a plant that will attract wildlife to your garden, then Rosa Rugosa rubra will do just that, once the fruits appear in August. It can grow in most soil conditions, even if dry and poorly fertile. It is a hardy plant so can withstand colder weather, and for it to flower well it will require full sun, although it can grow in partial shade, it will just affect the flowers growing. Useful Information Plant Size: 40-60cm Pack Size: 25 whips