Rosa rugosa or Hedgehog Rose Hedging Plants 40-60cm x25



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Rosa Rugosa or Hedgehog Rose is fragrant, dense and fast growing shrub rose with leathery, veined, dark green leaves. It flowers from June to July with pretty single, red, pink or white flowers followed by orange-red hips in the august. Will this Hedging Plant be Suitable? Rosa Rugosa is a great all round plant for hedging, particularly borders. Its bristly branches and dense nature act as a deterrent to unwanted animals and the hips produced in august attract the birds. It can tolerate coastal, windy locations and prefers full sun, but able to tolerate part shade. Useful Information Plant Size: 40-60cm Pack Size: 25 whips Also Available: Rosa Rugosa or Hedgehog Rose Hedging Plants 60-80cm tall x 25