Plant-O-Mat Classic Bulb Planter includes 45 Mixed Allium Bulbs




Become an instant bulb expert in no time at all with the ingenious Plant-O-Mat Drop in Bulb Pods! This Classic Allium Mix will produce an amazing spring display with the absolute minimum of effort…
The designer ‘Bulb Pods’ will be delivered with your bulbs ‘in-situ’ and in their ideal spacing so you will get picture-perfect colour-themed displays each and every spring! Simply dig a planting hole in your garden, pot or trough, drop the entire ‘Bulb Pod’ in, cover with compost or soil, water and wait for great results. It really is a case of DIG – DROP – COVER – your results will astound friends & familly and there’s no need for dirty hands.
The totally biodegradable ‘Bulb Pod’, will itself disappear with a few weeks from planting, leaving the bulbs in the perfect planting design – in spring you will get a fabulous display that looks just like the picture!
This Classic Allium Mix includes 45 bulbs that have been carefully positioned into a complimentary design that will look absolutely stunning when in flower. You’ll get a neat and professional looking display that your neighbours will be jealous of.
Classic ‘Bulb Pod’ – Round in shape, each one is 36cm diameter and contains 45 premium quality bulbs that are all guaranteed to flower next spring! Perfect for large pots, beds & borders.


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