Physalis Alkekengi Var. Franchetii Chinese Lantern 9cm pot



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Position: full sun or partial shade; Soil: any well-drained soil; Rate of growth: fast-growing; Flowering period: July to August; Flower colour: creamy-white; Hardiness: fully hardy Tiny, creamy-white flowers from July to August followed by bright orange-scarlet berries enclosed by papery, red lanterns. Chinese lanterns are perfect for providing autumn interest in well-drained areas of the garden. The papery lanterns make wonderful dried flower arrangements. To prevent them from becoming invasive try cutting a slit trench around the crown of the plant with a spade each autumn; Garden care: To check the spread of underground stems cut the area round the crown of the plant with a spade each autumn. Lift and divide congested colonies in spring.


Waitrose Garden


Waitrose Garden