Pair of Pink Oleander Standards with Tulipa Planters & 50g Finest Fertiliser




This winter hardy standard oleander produces a riot of sumptuous pink, sweetly scented flowers & luxurious evergreen foliage and will create a wonderful Mediterranean feel all summer long! The gorgeous, sweet scent from their exotic, vibrant pink blooms will gently waft through the warm air in your garden simply delightful in early evenings in the summer.Flowering all summer long, they are wonderfully exotic, yet incredibly they are UK winter hardy to -5C too! They are very easy to grow as they literally thrive on neglect and love hot, dry weather – no wonder Oleander are such a big favourite with UK plant lovers! They will add height, vivid colour and sweet fragrance to your garden for years to come.
Also included with this pair of stunning palm trees is a set of 2 11 Tulipa metallic finish plastic planters – the perfect addition to your trees! Plant your trees up right away with these beautiful, simple and contemporary pots and place your trees either side of patios, terraces, decking or place around beds and borders.What’s more, we’re also throwing in a 50g sachet of our Finest Fertiliser to make sure you get your Oleanders off to the best start! It contains all of the important nutrients that are essential to look after shoots, roots and flowering and fruit yield for bigger crops and floral displays!


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