Pair of Cordyline australis (Torbay Palm) green 1M tall plants with 13 planters




Add an exotic touch to your garden with our instant impact 1M tall Cordyline palms. Already 5 years old, they are great for adding a modern twist to gardens, especially when grown in metallic or modern containers. Their regular swirled pattern of leaves form the slow growing trunk, creating a unique look for gardens.
The bigger the plant, the hardier they are – these can withstand a -7C winter ok, but we always suggest frost protection fleeces or wrapping, or bring into a garage or porch for during the coldest winters. Water them well in summer when they are growing and they will grow 10-15cm a year here in the UK. Cut off any dead leaves at the bottom, and that is what forms the trunk.
The number one choice for a modern and exoic touch for UK gardens.


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