Lavatera x clementii Red Rum or Tree Mallow Shrub



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Ideal for adding some colour to a flower bed or exterior wall, Lavatera X Clementii Red Rum, also known as the Tree Mallow, is a semi-evergreen shrub that produces vibrant pink flowers throughout summer. Best planted in a sunny location with well-drained soil, Lavatera X Clementii Red Rum will reach an eventual height and spread of around 1.5m. Moderately hardy but vulnerable to frost, Lavatera X Clementii Red Rum should ideally be sheltered from cold winter winds. Important Features of Lavatera X Clementii Red Rum: Max Height: 1m ? 1.5m Max Spread: 1m ? 1.5m Foliage Colour: Green with Bright Pink Flowers in Summer Best Planted in Well-Drained Soil Requires Protection from Cold Winds and Harsh Frost Prefers a Sunny Location Click the More Info Tab for Further Details