Elho Loft Urban Round Planter with Wheels 40cm Taupe



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Vary your garden and patio displays as often as you like with the Loft Urban Round 40cm Planter with Wheels by Elho, and without fear of back strain. Integral wheels make moving a fully potted planter so much easier and the built in watering system allows plants to take as much water as necessary, when it is necessary ? a boon if you are away on holiday, for example. With a warm matte finish, the taupecolour will complement any style of garden. Important Features of Loft Urban Round 40cm Planter with Wheels Taupe by Elho Dimensions: W 40cm x H 35cm x D 40cm approx. Revolutionary Watering System Warm Matte Finish Premium Quality Integral Wheels for Easy Movement 22L Capacity