Courgette Rugosa Friulana Courgette approx 22 seeds



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Position: full sun; Soil: fertile, moisture retentive; Rate of growth: average; Hardiness: tender As seen on BBC Gardeners World TV September 2006, this very ugly courgette variety has one of the best flavours, and is virtually the only variety you will find in the local shops and markets in the Veneto region of Italy. A must grow variety!; Growing Instructions Sow indoors – March to April for earlier crops and plant out in June to August Sow outside – May to July when the air temperature is above 18°C Sow 2cm deep – it is important to lay the seed vertically as if laid flat they may rot before germinating Liquid feed once a week with a diluted tomato feed once cutting has started. Harvest: June to October.


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