Five of the Best Cooler Bags

Unless you’ve got a really large garden, cooler bags may belong in the ‘and all that’ category of this site – or, rather, ‘outdoor’ living. Once purely functional boxy-looking items, they’ve really come on in terms of aesthetics and technology. Here we present our five favourites. Watermelon Super Chill Cooler Bag

Watermelon Super Chill Cooler Bag – £35,

There’s really no reason why the most functional items can’t be interesting to look at, as this watermelon super chill cooler bag proves. With the appearance of a generously-sized handbag, this great cooler is made from brightly-coloured polyurethane in green, pink, black and white and zips open at the top to reveal a roomy interior.

Folding Cooler Bag Seat by High Peak

Folding Cooler Bag Seat – £14.99 (was £17.99), High Peak

Why not make your food and drinks storage multitask? You can do just that – and save valuable travelling space – with this blue cooler bag seat by High Peak. This sturdy cube is made from polyurethane, within which sits a strong aluminium frame. The seat holds up to 80kg, so no need to worry about squashed sandwiches or destroyed drinks!
LEON Orange Paper Lunch Cooler Bag
Orange Paper Lunch Cooler Bag – £15, Leon

There’s no need to destroy the planet just because you get a bit peckish while you’re out and about! The result of a long search for sustainable materials that could still do the job of keeping your lunch fresh, Leon’s lunch bag is made from a super-strong long-fibre paper material that is 100% recyclable. The bag has a strong insulated lining and is perfectly petite, measuring 23 x 19cm.
Wilko Personal Cool Bag Fruits

Personal Cool Bag with Tropical Fruit Pattern – £5, Wilko

Cute, bright and supremely portable, this personal cool bag from Wilko is just the thing for transporting your meals and keeping them cool. The bright design, with deep pink trim and adjustable shoulder strap, houses a food-safe, PVC-free lining that both keeps any spills contained and makes it super-easy to clean the bag. A real bargain for a fiver!

 Wine Box Cooler Bag

Wine Box Cooler Bag – £4.99 (was £14.99), Studio

The perfect companion for any picnic, Studio’s blue wine box cooler bag has a durable Oxford nylon cover and a strong carry handle. A flap at the side lifts to accommodate three wine glasses. This high quality bag also includes three (yes, three!) large ice packs and a strong carry handle – all for less than a fiver in the current sale!


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