Five garden playhouses I’d like to live in

They say that youth is wasted on the young, well…to be frank, so are these playhouses! All right, I’m just joking and only slightly bitter. I was by all accounts a spoiled child, but this sort of thing didn’t exist in my day. If the kids who get these appreciate them as much I did my old fridge box with genuine lace curtains when I was five, then fair play to them. In the meantime…there’s nothing stopping me getting one of these now is there? Is there?

8X9 Lodge Playhouse Product code:

Painted Lodge Playhouse – B&Q, £1067

Ahh…picture perfect, this one. B&Q’s Lodge Playhouse measures six by eight feet and is made from 12mm responsibly-sourced shiplap cladding which you can paint whatever colour you wish (it’s provided unpainted and unassembled) but I rather like this dreamy blue. It’s big enough to sleep in and even has a mezzanine!

Smart Playhouse Kyoto Junior Playhouse

Kyoto Junior Playhouse – £2399.99, Smart Playhouse

Is your child big into modernism? If so, they’ll really appreciate the Kyoto Junior Smart Playhouse, which is a modernistic structure confusingly named after what’s probably Japan’s most traditional city. Smart Playhouse’s range of striking playhouses aren’t just toys – they really add something to your garden. This birch plywood construction is finished with a water-based painted finish.

 AXI Liam Double Swing Playhouse

Liam Double Swing Playhouse – £1,660.42, Axi

Now…why don’t they have swings on the side of so-called ‘proper’ houses? And where’s my look-out? What’s for sure is that I’d definitely have a better life in general if one of the routes out of my house was a slide, as is the case for this rather fabulous Liam double swing playhouse from Axi. Even better, the frame doubles as a sandpit!

Hideaway playhouse Waitrose Garden

Hideaway Playhouse – £729, Waitrose Garden

The Hideaway playhouse is a sturdy structure that puts the focus on safety with its four fixed windows, veranda, a tongue and groove floor and a solid board roof with mineral roofing felt. Additionally, you can get your little ones started early by tending to the two window boxes at the front. It also has an upstairs platform with a ladder.

The Wigwam Playhouse by dCor design

The Wigwam Playhouse – £376.99 (was £429.99), dCor Design

Supplied unpainted (should you find this particular palette a bit in-your-face) dCor Design’s wigwam playhouse has a unique design with two diamond-shaped windows and a side door. It’s constructed from dip-treated high-grade pine shiplap and has an interior height of 187cm. It’ll be fun to paint as well as to play in!


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