About Me

Why Gardens and All That?

  • It’s about gardening
  • ‘All that’ is as good a term as any for ‘misc.’ Yes, I imagine there will be plenty of ‘misc.’
  • My favourite book as a child was 1066 and All That*

Who the devil are you?

I’m Natalie, I live in Kent and I have a sizeable back garden (not a euphemism. Honest). And a decent forecourt (again…)

I’m not the garden’s first owner. A hundred years ago, the place was occupied by Ida Tunstall’s family.

Here’s Ida in ‘my’ back garden in around 1902:

Lady with bike in garden 1900s

Since I found out about Ida and her tribe (from a wonderful descendant of hers who now lives in Australia, discovered via the Ancestry website), I have tried to live by her values:

Here’s me in ‘my’ back garden in around 2014:

A woman in a ludicrous 60s crash helmet with a bike in a back garden

Before I moved to this house, I lived in a flat in East London and dreamed of the days when I’d have an outdoor space…it would surely be only a couple of years before I was entirely self-sufficient in fruit and veg.**

Two years on…I’m not exactly there yet. But this page will chronicle my Getting There, a little bit at a time.

If you have anything – anything at all (did I definitely stress ‘anything’?) to say about this blog – insulting or otherwise – please drop me a line via my Contact Us page. I (or ‘we’) could do with the company.

*  It was also the best expired domain available to me on the day. There’s that, of course.

** NB: As opposed to ‘self-sufficient in cape gooseberries.’